{class of 2011} amanda, baraboo high senior

Here are some of my favorite shots from Amanda’s senior session this past summer. We shot both her and a friend during the session, Rob took Cole because the silly boy wouldn’t stop smiling at me, and smiling goofily I might add, so I got to take the lovely Amanda around.

We started in a tunnel, but then drove over to her location of choice, where I found an amazing blue wall, and Amanda showed me the perfect field of little purple flowers. There were plenty of bees upset by our intrusion, but we got some fun shots, my favorite with the fedora, and then headed out to an even bigger field of Queen Ann’s Lace and then to downtown Baraboo, where Amanda informed me that she enjoyed being enclosed. I love the shot of her standing in the big concrete opening, it’s one of my favorites.

Senior girl in graffiti filled tunnel.

High school senior girl sitting on concrete slab in front of blue wall.

high school senior in field of purple flowers.

high school senior emulating classic movie star pose.

baraboo high school senior in field of Queen Anne's lace.

girl in bank window.

Feel free to comment, I love to hear what you have to say, and I know our clients are always excited to read them, too!

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  1. Jaren Shaw

    Gotta love my girl. She is so pretty all the time. Will vouch for Mr. Cole being a silly, smiley boy too. Love the one here at the bottom of the two arch way ones together. Didn’t get to see the black dress ones before. Was thoroughly excited for the field of queen annes also. Love all the pics you guys do, (well what I have seen so far)!


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