{personal} a walk at Devil’s Lake

I love this time of year, the orchard’s are open, the leaves are changing and the smell, there’s just this smell in the autumn that you can’t find any other time of year, I love it all! We finally made it out to Ski Hi this weekend for caramel apples and turnovers. Silly me, I had gotten turnovers for Jamie and I, which she ate with me, but I do believe that she like Rob’s caramel apple even more!  She’d take huge bites from him, I thought she would choke, but she is a really good eater, if any of you have had the chance of eating with us and our little piglet, you know I’m telling the truth, I’m often afraid she’ll eat us out of house and home, but we’re okay for now. 😉

After Ski Hi, we decided to head out to Devil’s Lake’s South Shore and do a little hiking, no small feat with a giant stroller and Jamie trying to get us to go faster! We had so much fun walking around, and trying not to get dive bombed by acorns, and I found some paths that I had never even gone on. So, be excited next group to head out to the lake, we are going to have some fun with you!

What’s a blog post without pictures? Nothing, that’s what I say, so take a look at the caramel eating baby and my favourite shot from out at the lake.

waiting at Ski Hi for daddy to feed her a caramel apple.

Child eating huge bite out of caramel apple.

leaf caught up in the dried grass of summer.

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  1. I am in love with your site/ blog here. Love the pics of her apple eating! Gotta Get Ella there soon, but we are so into the Badger Games here.

    Great work! So inspiring!



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