{albums} the new 10×10 Artbook sample

As some of you man know, we received our newest sample album this week! Rob and I are super excited to introduce an album that is museum quality and gorgeous!  The Artbook is handbound so it will last generations, will lay completely flat and has an awesome image wrap cover. The quality is great, and I find it to be awesome to wrap your album with an image.

Our sample is a 10×10 Artbook with 40 pages of luscious images. I didn’t want to try cramming all the fun into 30 pages, which is the lowest we’ll go, so went big and I am so happy that I did. Each wedding is unique and we want the album to reflect that. Our wedding albums start with 30 pages, adding additional spreads is always an option, especially if you want more images in the album.

It was really hard for me to choose which image for our sample cover. I wanted something completely different, something we’ve never done before. I showed it to Rob. He says, “are you sure you want that shot on the cover?” with his skeptical eyebrow raised at me. I looked back at him and said “oh yeah, this couple wasn’t traditional, no white dress, no bridal party. I want this sample to be as outrageous as possible, because our clients deserve an album that shows off who they are.” Won’t you agree? We want our clients to be giddy with happiness when they receive their albums.

Your wedding album will last for generations, it’s one of the main reasons we include an album credit with our wedding package. You deserve to have a gorgeous heirloom to show off, and we want to help make that happen.

Now I feel as if I’ve become a bit maudlin, so take a look at the images of our newest sample album. If you’re a bride or groom that have been looking at us, give us a call or even email at brie [at] realphotographyrealpeople [dot] com, we’d love to show off our samples and talk about your wedding day and how we can capture the memories for you.

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  1. Sam Hanson

    The book looks amazing!! I want one!!
    Maybe we can swing by next time we’re in the Boo to check it out. Great work!

    -Sam ‘n Kate

  2. I love the book, the blue shoes look striking on the cover.

  3. The artbook looks fantastic, I love the way you’ve done the cover and the way the pages inside look so seamless is something I’ve never seen before. I would love to get an album in the form of a book like that of my wedding day.


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