Marissa + James, St. Joe’s + Glacier Canyon Lodge

You know that feeling you get when you meet two people in love? Imagine that, because it is exactly the feeling I get when I think of Marissa and James. Just the thought, gives me this huge smile, not that you can see it, but I hope that our story of their wedding day can relate how much love they have for one another. I know that looking back, I remember how amazing the day was.

We started out at St. Joe’s in Baraboo, and I think by now you all know how much I love this church, the light inside is gorgeous, every single time, not to mention it’s a beautiful building. I also may have told my girls it’s a castle, but that’s beside the point. After the ceremony, we headed out to Devil’s Lake for a few formals, we took a little detour by this amazing Oak for some quiet shots of just Marissa and James, and then we finished the day at the Glacier Canyon Lodge reception hall. I don’t think my words can do the story justice, so let me show you with our photos. Enjoy!


Classic white wedding dress hanging on the wooden church doors.

bride and flower girl getting ready before a full length mirror

the handsome groomsmen waiting for the ceremony to start

beautiful bride Marissa laughing before the ceremony

James looking all stern before the main event

the bride smiling at her father

the bride's deep breath before the ceremony

the father of the bride kissing his little girl before he gives her away

holding hands during the ceremony

St. Joe's church in Baraboo, Wisconsin wedding lovely light.

bride and groom black and white recessional classic pose

the maid of honor so excited to be hugging the bride

the flower girl tackling the boys.

the light above the sanctuary.

Devil's lake formals rocks trail.

laughing, giggling and hugging bride and groom.

my favorite shot of James while Rob was setting up the group.

the bridal party on the railroad tracks at Devil's Lake.

bride and groom sitting on the grass, smiling at each other, feel the love.

purple bridal bouquet, gerbera daisies, roses and lilies.

dipping the bride under a spreading Oak.

cut the cake

silly faces while they cut the cake

touching romantic first dance

chandeliers first dance Glacier Canyon Lodge, Wisconsin Dells.

the Bridesmaids singing for the newlyweds.

kissing with purple uplighting at the reception.

guestbook with signatures and pictures from the engagement session.

father daughter dance with a last kiss.

mother son dance

getting down at the reception.

electric green wig photo booth.

pulling off the bride's shoe

garter toss and all the guys reaching for it.

bouquet flying down to the girls

dancing and singing on the dance floor

how low can you go?

twins and piggy back rides

Ceremony: St. Joseph Catholic Parish

Reception: Glacier Canyon Lodge

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{wordless wednesday} the Peggies family

The winter months are always so slow for us as photographers. So, I painted our little family on wooden pegs for Christmas and they just took off. I am really loving putting paint to wood and creating custom works of art, they are like little portraits on wood. So much fun.

I have a select few for sale at Wild Apples (not my family, but super awesome ones) so go check out Wild Apples, because they are totally awesome and have the coolest stuff!


*Not pictured is Rob, because his peg has been missing for the last three weeks, and Vi because her peggie is taking a nap.

custom handpainted wooden peg doll family with camera toting mom.

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Bob + Colleen, autumn engagement + fishing

I cannot believe I didn’t have Bob and Colleen up on the blog! This is one of my absolute favorite engagement sessions of all time. The weather was perfect, the light was amazing, the trees a gorgeous gold and then, I added Bob and Colleen into the mix and made for some amazing photos. Yeah, I think they’re amazing. I could have spent all day, seriously, all day taking pictures and talking. Except I had left Rob at home with all three girls. Insert evil laughter here.

I met Bob and Colleen at her parent’s vacation house and it was absolutely perfect. Bob is this huge lumberjack arborist and we got him to climb a tree. Okay, we tried to get him to climb a tree while Colleen and I giggled off to the side. It was amazing. Wait, did I say that already?! Because it was. After the tree climbing fell through, we grabbed some fishing poles and sat down by the water. Then when we didn’t catch anything, I had Bob lift Colleen up because the light was perfect and the trees were perfect and the leaves were, yeah you guessed it, perfect!

Anyways, what I’m trying to say with my rambling mess, is that I cannot wait to capture the wedding day! Congratulations, Bob and Colleen!


this is the sassy bob pose

amazingly awesome autumn engagement session

flannel and mustard sweaters engagement session

engaged and smiling for the camera

black and white touching and hugging

being held by a fallen tree by the water

thoughtful engagements ession

laughing and tickling

love and fun during the engagement session

just a little fishing during the engagement session

Bob smiling and laughing

colleen leaning into Bob.

Bride to be and her amazing eyes.

so much luscious light

Bob lifting Colleen up into the air for laughter and kisses.

so much laughter.

man holding his cute girlfriend up in the air

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