David + Megan {5 years strong}

Happy Tuesday! I know it’s been a while since I last blogged, life, ya know? What can I say: I’ve been focusing on family and getting our clients their images in a timely manner. Sometimes that means blogging gets sacrificed, and then put on the backburner. I’m pretty sure you all know what I’m talking about, but I’m back. I have a ton of sessions to get online, and a bunch more of my own family to get onto the computer and start going through. Today, I wanted to share some return clients: David and Megan.

I like to stay in touch with my clients, you know why? Because they aren’t “just clients”- they are friends. Like Megan and David, we bonded over things like being Jeep people, finding trails and the fact that they had milkshakes at their wedding may still be my absolute favourite between time activity ever. So, when I was contacted to do an anniversary session I said ‘of course’! Then they added the best parts: coming to their amazing home, playing with their pup and all the horses! It was seriously the best day ever for me, and these two are just as in love today as they were on the day that they got married.


love, in love,

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Happy Holidays from Griffin Photography

Happy Holidays!! I know I’ve been quite MIA this past year, we’ve been busy, and unfortunately, blogging has taken a complete backseat. 2016 is drawing to a close and 2017 is on the horizon, I can only hope that the new year brings peace and adventure to everyone!

While I haven’t had a chance to go through our Christmas pics, I’ll leave you with some red and green floral from Wild Apples in Baraboo!


wild apples floral arrangement baraboo florist

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Danneka + Alex, backyard wedding

I don’t know what my favorite part of the wedding day is…the cake? the couple? the dancing? All good things, but I think my favorite part is being able to capture the love and happiness two people share for one another and how, along with their family and friends, they have the most amazing day.

You may remember Alex and Danneka’s engagement session. If not, go back and take a look. I had so much fun at the engagement session and the wedding day was no different. That’s a lie. It was way different because we got to capture the love and enjoyment from their family and friend’s as well. These two lovebirds got married out at Danneka’s family farm, can you say amazing blueberry fields? After a hint of rain, nothing was going to dampen our spirits, the sun came out, the guests arrived and we capture the fun and excitement. There was giant Jenga on the patio, bean bag toss on the lawn and even a giant Bananagrams game going on. So much fun, and it was an absolute blast to capture these memories for such an amazing couple.

Don’t take my word for it, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves!


lacy wedding gown hanging in house with handpainted portrait

the mother of the bride lacing up the beautiful bride in her gown

maid of honor and mother of the bride laughing as they get the bride ready for her wedding day

beautiful bride in front of red barn wedding day

rustic barn wedding day smiles inside the interior

groom nuzzling his bride's neck

open red barn door with couple in the window

wedding rings macro shot inside bird nest

red barn wedding day kisses

custom backyard toss game

black and white shot of the ring bear bearer

backyard wedding ceremony with giant spready trees

white folding chairs bakyard wedding

black and white wedding ceremony

daisy wedding flowers

newly married ocuple painting unity painting

wedding ceremony with rustic barn in background

father of the bride with tears in his eyes

wedding take on Frank Wood's American Gothic

wedding couplse posing with pitchfork

handsome groom in blue tie

beautiful bride with white and yellow bouquet

yellow and blue floral bouquet with roses

the ladies of the bridal party

the sassy bridal party pose

the groomsmen and their beers.

groomsmen wearing yellow and blue argyle socks

beautiful bride in front the of red family barn.

wedding guests greeting the groom

bride and groom in a green field of grass and a giant tree

wood cover guest book at the wedding reception.

tiered cake with blue ribbons and daisies.

giant bananagrams at the wedding reception.

head table

giant jenga played afer the ceremony

maid of honor speech

best man speech

parents of the bride dancing

the bride and her parents

black and white of the wedding couple through the trees

the amazing giant jenga played on the patio

wedding reception chats

bride and groom in dreamy sunset light and black berry bushes

golden glow sunset bride and groom

wedding rings on blackberry branch

wedding kissing in the sunlight

bride and groom first dance in white tent

father of the bride dance and laughter

swing dancing father of the bride

laughter dj lights dancing reception

train dancing

smiles and oohs at the reception

kids got the dance moves

dance moves mother and daughter

white tenct wedding reception

bride hugging on the dance floor

couple in love on the dance floor





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