Danneka + Alex, the engagement album

It’s album Thursday time! Today my office manger is unenthusiastically helping me to show off the beauty of Danneka and Alex’s engagement album. I love the colors, the Fuji Pearl cover just pops those gorgeous autumn colors. I even got the office manager to show off a couple of spreads before she got too bored. Man, good help is hard to find. 😉 Poor kid, making her work so hard.

I love albums. I know I say that every single time I post one, but there is just something about seeing images printed up that makes me happy. I love seeing our client’s faces when they crack open their albums, pure bliss.

So, I leave you with the few shots I managed to get before the office manager quit. Enjoy!


fuji pearl engagement album cover

spine with the couples name and our logo

guestbook album spread.

full bleed image spread

engagement album barn shot

train depot engagement album guestbook

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