{fearless} josh + laura, devil’s lake

When we first met Josh and Laura, we totally hit it off. They talked about climbing up the bluffs for the wedding and jumping into the lake after the ceremony. So, we may not have climbed the bluffs, but we met the Sunday after their amazingly fun wedding for the fearless bridal session. It was super early at Devil’s Lake on a Sunday, so we were guaranteed to have the place almost to ourselves. Laura and Josh jumped in three times. Yes, three! And we captured these images. I love them all. I also had a little Dirty Dancing playing in my head that morning, we got Josh to do a little lifting. It was fabulous.

I swear that these two make this look easy. The best part was that Laura’s dress is mainly tulle, so it was super light, always a plus when you’re getting soaked. And we could barely tell it was wet after the lake shots.



rustic bride diy flowers fallen tree

solitary bride overlooking devil's lake, wisconsin.

bride and groom day after trash the dress session.

beautiful bride looking up at the camera

devil's lake behind the bride and groom off rock 9 at the lake, wisconsin.

flouncy tulle short wedding dress.

I jump, you jump.

ready, set, jump!

Griffin Photography fearless bridal session.

bride and groom jumping into devil's lake.

Trash the dress day after wedding session bride and groom in the lake.

josh and laura kissing in the water.

laura pulling on josh's tie to bring him closer.

laura's dress flowing around her in the lake water.

just a little back laying in the water.

kissing through the grass.

Dirty dancing water wedding shot.

Josh lifting Laura up to kiss her.

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