WI wedding photographer, Laura + Josh, Devil’s Head Resort

I’m going to warn you before we get too far, this post is uber image heavy! Now that you’ve been warned, let’s go!

Laura and Josh’s wedding has been a long time in being blogged. I’m so sorry that it has taken me so long! I blame it on the office manager’s assistant who was only 1o days old the day we shot Josh and Laura’s wedding. This has got to be one of our favorite weddings of all time. Seriously. The whole day was filled with fun, laughter, swirling tulle dresses outfitted with a lime green surprise and two of the most amazing people we have ever met. While the day was hot, it was the perfect July afternoon to hit the lake for some group shots before swinging back to Devil’s Head Resort for the ceremony and reception on top of the ski hill. I’ve never ridden a ski lift before and I was clutching my cameras for dear life, just to share. It was amazing watching the land just spread out around you as you ascended to the ceremony site.

I believe that Josh and Laura have the most stylish friends. Either that, or I was just super jealous that every girl there was wearing the cutest outfit. No lie, people, they were stylin’. Looking back at the images, all the love, laughter and fun we had that day just comes rushing back to me. I think that’s our job, to capture the love and emotion and see that every single time you look at the images.

As posted, this wedding has a ton of images. Enjoy the love!


Beautiful bubbly bride before her first look of her groom.

classic wedding bands and hands image.

wonderful big smiles on the bride and groom.

a few whispered love words on the banks of Devil's Lake.

Ninja style wedding photography through the green leaves.

Laura sitting on her groom's lap.

the brave bride and groom with their feet in the lake.

DIY bridal bouquet with uber colorful roses.

colorful and energetic bridal party.

wild colorful bouquets and bridesmaid's dresses.

Lovely Laura sitting on the boardwalk in her beauty.

bright pink, yellow, orange rose bridal bouquet.

colorful place cards in pink, lime and yellow.

Starburst and bursts of color on the reception table.

creative hot pink and lime card box for the wedding at Devil's Head.

bride and pearls in profile with brick.

creative bridal formal old time train depot

bride and her father coming up the ski hill.

Josh awaiting his bride at the end of the aisle.

Laura and her father so excited to be getting married.

I love the father and daughter emotions as he hugs his little girl before she gets married.

the entire colorful bridal party on top of the ski hill at Devil's Head Resort.

beautiful July afternoon wedding with short tulle dress.

first kiss as husband and wife.

celebration of love.

Kissing and holding on top of the Baraboo bluffs.

Pabst beer bridal shot.

Laura and Josh coming down the ski hill.

excitement of the party well started.

creative wedding ring shot, rings hanging on branch.

the bride showing off her ring to her European cousins.

Laura getting kissed on the cheek by her mom and dad.

Aggressive cake cutting.

kiss kiss.

Hilarious father of the bride speech.

the bride and groom kissing for charity.

the groom hugging his twin after the speeck.

the bride hugging her sister after her speech.

the bride's expressive smile speech.

parents of the groom in laughter.

moment caught in time of the bride and groom holding hands at the reception.

tulle dress with lime underneath twirling around on the dance floor.

bride and groom twirling on the dance floor.

love the exuberant first dance.

groom and his mother dancing on the dancefloor.

the bride and her father laughing on the dance floor.

stylish wedding guests dancing.

moms on the dance floor.

energetic couple on the dance floor amid the green lights.

the bride hugging and dancing on the dance floor.

the engagement guest book with well wishes from family and friends.

ceremony and reception:Devil’s Head Resort
flowers: diy with roses from the local market

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