Happy New Year 2014!!

Can you believe it’s already 2014?! What happened to 2013? It seems like the whole last year slipped by so fast. Another year gone and a new one ready to fill with fun and adventure. At least, it’s always my hope that the new year is filled with adventure and love. Being a wedding photographer means that we get to see plenty of love and laughter in our line of work, it’s the best day for so many people. Capturing weddings always reminds me that I want, no need, to take more pictures of my own growing family. I cannot believe how fast our girls are growing. It seems like just yesterday we were bringing Jamie home and then getting ready to photograph Jen and Bart’s amazing wedding, but she’s four and a half! I want to make sure that I have memories of my own, so this year my goal is to take more pictures of my girls, spend more quality time with my family, which probably means I’ll revert back to staying up late at night to work on all the editing and computer stuff. I always say that I’ll lose that extra baby weight, too, but I guess that will just have to wait til July this year. 😉

So, here is to you and yours this holiday season! Rob and I wish you all the best, may your coming year be full of adventure and love and may you share that love with family and friends! I’ll just leave you with my monsters. Enjoy.


one smiling baby and her grumpy big sister

kisses between sisters

the most adorable girls in the world together

happy smiles from my big girl

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