chad + kyra, devil’s lake

Rob had the good fortune of getting to take Chad and Kyra out on their engagement session. I’m so jealous because it totally looks like they had a blast. He met them out at Devil’s Lake’s South Shore early on a Sunday morning. Early being subjective as we shot a wedding the day before. 😉 The weather was perfect, the sun shining like a benevolent king seemed to gild the pictures.

Chad and Kyra are big into rock climbing so of course we had to get some shots of them and rocks and their equipment. I absolutely love the images on the railroad tracks and Chad has the best expressions. I cannot wait for their big day! Congrats, guys, and enjoy!


sitting at the top of the cliff looking down at devil's lake

kyra has amazing blue eyes and the fall leaves are gorgeous

chad and kyra with some rope climbing paraphernalia on the tumbled rocks at devil's lake in baraboo wisconsin.

the engaged couple sitting on the railroad tracks

hand in hand walking down the railroad tracks

rope climbing equipment on the engagement session


affianced couple looking out at the placid water of devil's lake.

chad making a funny pirate face, love this.

kyra giggling at chad's nuzzling.

chad and kyra just sitting on a blanket under the beaufiful autumn sun with yellow leaves behind them.

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  1. Kelly Garrigan

    I love these pictures of my daughter Kyra and future son-in-law,Chad. I can”t wait to see the rest of the photo session!!!!!! Fantastic Job!


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