{engaged} rachel + tim, devil’s lake

Rachel, Tim and I met out at Devil’s Lake this past May for their engagement session. With the weather still being chilly, we had the lake nearly to ourselves, which some couples will count as a blessing. It was the perfect afternoon for a little stroll, a lot of love, a silly photographer and some picture takin’. I love the new viewfinders at the lake, they are the perfect prop. Enjoy the love these two have for on another!

I’m slowly working on getting everything in my log on the blog, but you know how that office manager of mine and her assistant keep me from working too hard. Hopefully there will be more to come this week. Plus, we have a super sweet surprise in store for the blog. Just you wait, I’m keeping ya on your toes for now!


rachel and tim kissing against a tree at devil's lake

looking into one another's eyes

walking hand in hand in love

engaged couple using the viewfinders at Devil's Lake north shore

silly engaged clients viewing each other

bride to be with her head on her groom's shoulder

engaged couple in love

rachel and tim leaning into one another

hugging against the fallen rock trail

engaged couple laughing

rahcel and tim nose to nose



rachel laughing at her crazy photographer

sitting on the beach with a perfect view of Devil's Lake

engagement session on the grass at devil'ls lake

smiling in the sun

black and white loveliness at the lake

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