{engaged} nick + nickie, devil’s lake

Nick and Nickie, sittin’ in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!

The day of Nick and Nickie’s engagement session, I could not wait for the hour to come when we would meet up and go take pictures. The trees were gorgeous and I was ready to be out there shooting. Nick and Nickie took me to some of their favorite locations at Devil’s Lake, an awesome trail colored yellow where we danced to a little Dirty Dancing in our heads, climbed a tree and did some kissing. No, not me, Nick and Nickie did all that, I just took the pictures! I absolutely love it when our clients take us someplace that means something to them. You can feel the connection they have, and I hope I have capture that along with their love for one another. I had so much fun with these two and cannot wait for their wedding this fall!


groom to be whispering in his fiance's ear

walking down a tree lined trail at Devil's Lake

kissing under the autumn leaves

holding under the yellow leaves of autumn

engaged couple sitting on a rock in the empty creek bed


trying for the dirty dancing action on a fallen log

nick and nickie dancing on a fallen log

nickie resting her hand on nick's heart

engaged couple hugging close

hugging closer

relaxing in a field under the gorgeous yellow leaves

black and white in a field of dry grass

black and white shot of the autumn splendor

nickie showing nick how climbing a tree is done

the engaged couple up in a tree

nick and nickie, sitting in a tree, kissing

just chilling on round bale

nickie leaning on nick in the sunset

love the gorgeous light hitting them

nickie laughing at a little joke

holding hands with the autumn foliage behind them

wide view of the autumn splendor and gorgeous blue sky

kissing silhouette at the lake

devil's lake behind the couple

telling the story of their engagement in a field

the engaged couple sitting in a field of grass at south pass devil's lake

hugging on the ground

laughing at a poignant reminder of their love

nick and nickie in the fall field

nickie leaning on nick's shoulder

nickie's gorgeous blue eyes

nick and nickie leaning up against the grungy mustart colored wall

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