{album thursday} Mark + Barb’s classy ONE

Good morning and welcome to another issue of album thursday! Today I’m showing off Mark and Barb’s gorgeous and classy ONE. They chose blue Wedgewood leather as a base and then an accent strip of creamy Opaline to break up the blue. I love it! (Although I’ve yet to come across an album I don’t, our supplier is fabulous!) I just want to keep petting this album, the leather is so soft. The Wedgewood and Opaline are a perfect pair together and fit in with the theme of the wedding day. The album itself features 90 images on 30 pages to tell the story of the day.

Enjoy the album, I did a few of the cover because I absolutely love how it looks, and you can see the spine. The square spine goes perfect with our square albums, I just love the way it looks and feels. There’s just a few inside shots for you to check out as well. Enjoy!

Finao one packaging.

Sustainable album packaging.

Two tone leather in blue Wedgewood and creamy Opaline, so gorgeous.

Square spine encased in blue leather.

Opaline accent panel.

Getting ready spread in Mark and Barb's wedding album.

Processional in the wedding album.

Full page spread in the ceremony.

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