{album thursday} stacy + joe’s classic 10×10 ONE

Have I mentioned how much I love showing off our albums? Well, if it’s been a while, and we all know it has been, I love sharing album posts. I really truly believe that every couple should have a gorgeous album to share with their family and friends and bring out every year to pore over and remember all the little details. This is why our wedding collection comes with an album.

All right, enough about going off on a tangent, let’s get down to the awesomeness!

Joe and Stacy had a super classy wedding, so when it came time to choose a cover, I suggested a few that I thought would look awesome. Stacy and Joe picked Datebook for their 10×10 ONE. Datebook is super classy and timeless, it’s a gorgeous chocolate brown and so soft to the touch, with a tooled diamond pattern with went perfect with their autumn wedding and chocolate theme. What can I say, but great minds think alike? I love how their album turned out. We went with a 30 page album featuring 56 images, which gave us lots of room for big pictures. I love to do a simple design to really show off the images, and this album rocks! I know I can say that, but take a look for yourself. Check out the leather, and if you want to see some in person, give me a call, you know Rob and I love to show stuff off.

This first shot is Stacy and Joe’s classic 10×10 along with Dan and Stephanie’s hot ONE.

10x10 and 12x12 Finao albums in Datebook, ludicrous and lusterin' hot.

Detail of the datebook chocolate leather album from Finao.

Square Finao album with gorgeous tooled leather.

10x10 leather Finao wedding album in Datebook.

Wedding album getting ready spreads.

Wedding album kiss spread.

Wedding album laughing spread.

Wedding album spread close up.

Wedding album autumn spread.Wedding album cake spread.

wedding album bouquet toss spread.

Wedding album last dance spread.

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