photo a day ~ wedding day laughter

So, my second resolution for this year is to try and blog every day. They may just be like today, just a photo that I absolutely adore, or they may be longer, but I want to share everything with our readers, I just love to share like that.

Today’s shot is of a couple that told me that they were unphotogenic. I don’t know what they are talking about because they are so perfect for each other, so in love with each other that I find that statement a lie. Yes, I think they lied to me, I mean just look at the love they have for each other! This is one of my absolute faves from their wedding, a totally candid moment of the two of them being themselves. It’s moments like this that we strive to capture.

Bride and groom laughing in front of wooden church door at St. Joe's in Baraboo Wisconsin.

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