{in love} nathan + lauren’s devil’s lake engagement session

Rob and I met up with Lauren and Nathan out at North Shore of Devil’s Lake for their engagement session. They picked the perfect day, the colors were at their peak, the temperature was perfect, not too hot and definitely not too cold.

We started out next to the railroad tracks, I think you all know how we feel about those bands of metal driving off into the distance. Then, Nathan and Lauren showed us their special place. The spot that they always let the dogs play around. Of course, we got to play with the puppies a little bit. Rob took one for the team when he got an enthusiastic hello from Johnny. Don’t worry, Rob’s okay, I couldn’t stop laughing though. Johnny aimed straight for Rob, it was a first in our line of work, actually, getting jumped on by a 10 month old Chocolate lab, it’s going to be one of my favorite stories to tell.

Enough about that, we wandered around a little bit and came across this awesome leaf art, if that’s what you call it. We have no idea who made it, or even who left it, but it was truly awesome. The yellow leaves were no where near the area we were in, so someone brought them along. Take a look, you’ll know which shots I’m talking about here. I even made Nathan and Lauren lay down next to them. They are such a great couple, willing to do everything we asked of them.

We finished up by heading into the lake. Okay, just a bit for some awesome reflections in the water. Seriously, the perfect night for an engagement session.

Engaged couple sitting on wooden steps looking at each other.

Couple walking along railroad tracks into the distance.

Woman holding fiance near leaf covered stream.

Engaged couple kissing on rock ledge at Devil's Lake, baraboo wis.

Man nuzzling woman's neck.

Engaged couple with Chocolate lab puppies posing for the camera in fallen leaves.

leaf and twig decorations at devil's lake, baraboo, wisconsin.

Man and woman laying on grass next to leaf art.

Twig and berry art at Devil's Lake.

Woman resting her head on fiance's leg as they gaze at each other in love.

Couple reflected in the clear waters of Devil's Lake.

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  1. Cute session! I LOVE what you did with the leaves!

  2. I really love that last one! Love his hat, the wide angle, just all of it.

  3. Sweet set!! The last is my fav for sure.

  4. Ooh, that shot at the lake is awesome! Love the wide.

  5. Very nice. What a beautiful location.

  6. karen hoffman

    the pictures are awesome, love the background on all of them, fall is such a pretty time of year, thanks for sharing.

  7. LOVE those last two, fabulous work on this session!


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