{in love} Corwin + Stephanie’s love filled gtky session

Rob and I met Corwin and Stephanie down in Madison for their engagement session since it was about half way for each of us, plus they were going to a concert afterwards, lucky them!

Corwin and Stephanie have this connection that is just beautiful to look at. Shooting their engagement session was one of the easiest ones we have done. They didn’t pay attention to the camera, but were totally focused on each other. My favorite shots are the ones where they are just looking at each other. You can just see the love in their eyes.

Even though we had a rather chill breeze and it was so cold that by the end of our session my fingers were frozen, well Rob’s too! We had the most perfect light for the session and an amazing location for these two lovebirds. I had the hardest time narrowing down images, so take a look at my favorites, and let us know what you think about them!

Couple holding each other in Madison Wisconsin on their engagement shoot.

Engaged couple smiling at the camera at Reiner Park, Madison.

Engaged couple sitting on bench holding hands.

I love this next shot, Stephanie is just leaning in to Corwin and they look so happy! Have I mentioned that I love people in love?

Girl leaning into her fiance, so much love.

Engaged couple looking at each other with love in their eyes.

Couple sitting in prairie grass with sky above them holding each other.

Man looking at his fiance with love in his eyes.

Here’s the look I’m talking about, Stephanie may be smiling for me, but Corwin only has eyes for her. Awww, I’m loving these all over again!

I love the way Corwin looks at Stephanie, there's so much love.

Girl holding on to her man with sun flare surrounding them.

Griffin Photography, Madison engagement photographers, capture couple sitting in grass.

Engagement session at Reiner Park, Madison, man holding fiance.

Couple holding each other for Griffin Photography's engagement session.

I absolutely adore this one, Stephanie’s chin on her hand just checking Corwin out, love it!

Girl looking at her fiance cutely.

Girl looking up at clouds during engagement session with Griffin Photography whil her fiance looks at her.

Engaged couple holding hands with Wisconsin hills rolling behind them.

Affianced couple kissing for Griffin Photography.

Couple laughing during Griffin Photography engagement session.

Thanks for such a fabulous afternoon, Corwin and Stephanie, we can not wait for your wedding next year!

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  1. I love this location and they are a really cute couple. You captured some great interactions

  2. I love the way he looks at her. They definitely look in love. Great captures!

  3. I love how he is almost always looking at her! So sweet.

  4. Very natural looking photos and I love the color in the ones where they’re in the field. Nice work.

  5. very cute couple i’m sure these pictures mean a lot to them and bring them lots of smiles

  6. “They didn’t pay attention to the camera, but were totally focused on each other” – That totally shows in this session! Fantastic work!

  7. This is such a super cute couple. Great session.

  8. April

    I love the pictures. You guys did a great job. I have yet to meet Corwin, but I know that Stephanie is head over heels in love and you were able to capture that. I love the way he looks at her!!

  9. what a cute couple! I love the first one where they are in front of the lake.

  10. Super cute couple. Love your use of light!

  11. they are SO adorable. you did a great job shooting! i really feel the love

  12. I adore the 7th from the bottom. The way they look at each other is so full of love. <3 Fabulous session!


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